Where To Get Support

React is worked on full-time by Facebook’s product infrastructure and Instagram’s user interface engineering teams. They’re often around and available for questions.

Stack Overflow

Many members of the community use Stack Overflow to ask questions. Read through the existing questions tagged with reactjs or ask your own!

Discussion Forum

For longer-form conversations about React, we’ve set up a discussion forum at discuss.reactjs.org. This forum is a great place for discussion about best practices and application architecture as well as the future of React. If you have an answerable code-level question, please post it to Stack Overflow instead.

In the forum there’s also a category for job posts and a category for discussion of our weekly meeting notes.

React Community on Hashnode

Hashnode’s React node is a great place to stay up-to-date with React discussion, news and stories.

Reactiflux Chat

If you need an answer right away, check out the Reactiflux Discord community. There are usually a number of React experts there who can help out or point you to somewhere you might want to look.

Freenode IRC

Some developers also hang out in #reactjs on Freenode.


Our IRC channel is called #reactjs. It is not called #react or #reactos.

The #reactos channel belongs to an unrelated ReactOS operating system project. The #react channel is not affiliated with us either. To discuss the React JavaScript library on its official IRC channel, please make sure that you post in #reactjs.

Facebook and Twitter

For the latest news about React, like us on Facebook and follow @reactjs on Twitter. In addition, you can use the #reactjs hashtag to see what others are saying or add to the conversation.